Provisma are experienced in providing Programme and Project Management Services to ensure our clients property / land assets are aligned to, and support their corporate plan objectives. We specialise in the delivery of regeneration development schemes and capital investment projects for the public sector.

Programme & Project Management

Provisma offer Prince 2 qualified consultants to manage projects from the initial drafting of the project mandate through to completion, offering a range of services spanning the project life cycle.

We apply project management processes on a scalable format relative to the project size and scope to ensure the project is delivered successfully.

Programme management is implemented where the business change initiative is large and complex involving many co-ordinated inter-related projects. Programme management skills provide for this overall co-ordinated delivery and are key to delivering change required on time and within budget.

Business Case Drafting

It is mandatory in the public sector to produce a comprehensive business case for capital investment projects. When undertaken diligently, with challenging enquiry, the business case stage can add real value in ensuring you only proceed to invest in the most suitable of the available options to deliver business change. We are experienced in facilitating this stage and drafting the business case, whether outline or full.

Our skills lie in understanding your aims /objectives and benefits sought from the project initiative. We then facilitate full evaluation of options in terms of benefits derived, programme, risk and financial issues to arrive at the preferred option for delivery.

Capital Investment Projects

We have substantial experience in procuring a whole range of building types. Our expertise lies in:

  • Education buildings – college campus re-development, digital hub buildings
  • Healthcare buildings – hospitals, laboratories, NHS direct call centres, clinics, decontamination facilities, GP facilities, HART teambases.
  • Community buildings e.g libraries, sports facilities

We routinely take capital development projects from initial Strategic Outline Case/Feasibility through design, construction and occupation of the building. We are able to respond quickly to client’s needs. We work in close partnership with clients to fully understand the brief and to ensure we deliver the very best facilities in the most efficient way. We pride ourselves on creating the project management structure, commercial framework and procurement route to deliver successful projects.

We understand the issues associated with delivering public sector capital investment projects and the complex path that must be followed to achieve success for all stakeholders. We are passionate about the work we do. We work closely with clients to create first class facilities. Stakeholder engagement and satisfaction, design quality, environmental impact, sustainability and energy efficiency are important issues to us and we manage these issues within the commercial and time constraints that are the reality of today’s economic environment.

Regeneration Development

We work with Local Authorities, Combined Authorities and the Homes England to deliver regeneration on brown field sites. We work with the local authority to establish a regeneration strategy, define the project scope/brief and procurement documentation and then proceed to implement the project.

We are experienced in dealing with private, affordable and rent housing, retail, commercial offices and community buildings. We have experience in dealing with planning issues and complex procurement issues associated with regeneration development. We work closely with Local Communities and the Homes England initiatives to ensure the regeneration delivers the social improvement sought and is viable to developers.

Regeneration schemes provide their own complexities, we are therefore experienced in property acquisition, disposal, lease termination, demolition, utilities disconnection/diversion, remediation of contaminated land, world heritage and conservation sites and compulsory purchase orders.

Above all, in regeneration development we work hard to ensure communication flows freely between stakeholders to ensure the completed development works on social and commercial level.

"I can highly recommend JOA Consulting. They have worked with the College over the last couple of years on a range of renovations and new build projects. At all times, Jeff Owen demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the built environment, effective project management and communication skills. Projects were well coordinated, completed on-time and within budget. A “can-do” attitude was ever present, as was timely updating of progress and an ability to actively problem solve potential issues. From my perspective, a highly regarded professional and a delight to work with."

Laurel Penrose Principal & CEO

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